Sightings of Living Pterosaurs in the Southeast United States

Georgia Pterosaur Sighting

The first eyewitness is anonymous, but is called "PS" in the nonfiction cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America (second edition, published in late 2010).

East of Winder, Georgia, in 2008, she saw, within two weeks, two long-tailed pterosaurs flying in daylight: "She looked up at a 'very long' tail that had a strange shape at the end." Both times, she was driving through the countryside in morning daylight, with clear visibility.


South Carolina, Sighting by Wooten

"Susan Wooten was driving east on Highway 20, to the town of Florence, on a clear mid-afternoon in the fall of about 1989 . . . something [was] flying from her left, then passing in front of her, behind her friend’s car. 'It swooped down over the highway and back up gracefully over the pines,' but its appearance was shocking: 'It looked as big as any car . . . NO feathers, not like a huge crane or egret, but like a humongous bat,' " (Quotation from Whitcomb's book)

Sketch (above) by the eyewitness Susan Wooten



Mountains in Georgia, courtesy of photographer "Possum 1500"



South Carolina forest, courtesy of "Let Ideas Compete" 

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